Minecraft Tools


This software is deprecated and obsolete. It is here for the sole purpose of exposure.

Very useful guide for the creativity and ingenuity game "Minecraft". Contains various guides and instructions on how to: manufacture objects, create potions, using the furnace for cooking food and various materials, create a game server, etc. The section contains a translator enchantments of the symbols of the spells necessary to know the spell that you will make on the subject. Thanks to the search function will make sure the items that we are interested in the various sections, just start typing that already appear suggestions of charged objects. Minecraft Tools is equipped with a seed generator for our maps, to help the player to generate new maps. The seed are generated by pressing the button to painting showing de dice, in the "Server" section. It 'also added the ability to create and save the Achievement inputting an image of an object or mob and of course the custom text! Another useful function is to browse the screenshots directly from the program, so you do not have to go every time in cartela of Minecrat, with possibility to save and delete.

Finally, but not least, Minecraft Tools has a Backup Manager, able to create backups of your saves in a single compressed file, so as to reduce its size. And very importantly, this backup can be shared with friends in order to exchange your your save using a single small file. For the less experienced hand, it has been inserted the "Guides" section where they will be published as guides to make the most of this fantastic game.

Like any Disactive software, updates also contains a control function, and whenever updates are released, this will self-install. Of course it will be the user to decide whether or not to upgrade. For those who want to help in development, you can always contact me, even for bug reporting, or other simple tips.

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