This software is deprecated and obsolete. It is here for the sole purpose of exposure.

Small and quiet keyloggers, which in addition to record all keystrokes from the keyboard, also records Windows events, such as open a folder or a web browser tab. totally written by me in Vb.Net, it is a simple and above all free solution to control that standard users of your PC or just your children, who do not write or do things you feel appropriate. The program can work in the background or hidden, however (for security reasons) the process is present and terminable by the Windows Task Manager. The recording takes place continuously, after pressing the start button. And the log file is also simultaneously written, in addition there is the possibility to save another log whenever you want, for example, every minute, every five minutes or every hour.

Also you can choose the path of the log file and also the name, saving takes place in a text file. At the top is the menu where you can start and stop the recording process, access the settings or to the about screen, or simply exit the program. The settings are fully customizable and will be expanded in future releases, as well as other minor improvements and bug fixes. The program is not a virus or hack tools, is limited to "spy" on the keys pressed.

Many antivirus detect it positive because the source code is not encrypted. Being this an app for the only purpose of illustration.
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