This software is deprecated and obsolete. It is here for the sole purpose of exposure.

Split is a very useful program to split into several pieces, a large file. You can for instance split a file into many pieces as you want, leaving the application to decide the size of the pieces themselves, which will be equal to each other. Or you can choose the maximum size for each file, for example: you have a 4Gb file and want to divide it into 2 pieces 2Gb or 1Gb 4 pieces, just set the size you want and the program will do the job. A particular aspect is security, that once divided the files can not be opened by any other application except Displit, so as to make your files much safer.

The program is not limited only to divide the pieces, but also to join them, in fact, just move to the "Merge" section and select the .dkj file that is created after each division of files, and the program will recognize all the pieces and it automatically It will combine in the right order. This new version is different from the first also for other reasons, for example: the application is not "stuck" when doing the job, but remains active. But there are still beta features, like the pause button and the function that deletes the file at the end of the process. All solvable in the next versions.

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